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Here are just some of our awesome tribute artists choosen for their look, their voice and their ability to impersonate your favorite 70's superstars.  


Cheap Trick - Nick Rudd.  Robin Zander was and is the voice of 70's icons Cheap Trick. With hits such as "Surrender" and "I Want You to Want Me" these rockers were a mainstay on radios everywhere. "Robin Zander is an amazing frontman with a unique style and energy  that  I love playing tribute to."


JOHN DENVER - Vince Riha.  Vince, a life long musician is a versatile vocalist having won numerous local competitions.  “When I considered auditioning for The 70’s Show, John Denver came immediately to mind.  His songs are timeless and the tone of our voices is very similar. It’s a tragedy that he is no longer with us.”


DIANA ROSS - LaShonda Tuff.  With 20 years of performing under her belt, LaShonda makes you forget you’re not listening to Diana Ross.  "I grew up listening to her and I am so glad to have the opportunity to portray her. I bring out the Diva in every performance. My goal is to bring you to the dance floor!"


THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS - Cast.  This late 60's folk group was short lived but contributed some timeless hits to the music world. "Monday Monday" and "California Dreamin'" were classics and of course radio staples for decades.


KISS - Greg Trimm.  Greg has portrayed Gene Simmons since 2004 with a spot on costume and convincing makeup and his set has KISS extras such as pyro like fog, additional lighting and a shower of confetti. "I've got his vocals, persona and mannerisms down and I will spit blood or breath fire if requested. Fortunately I have the tongue for the part!"


MEAT LOAF - Bruce Knapp with Teresa O’Donnell.  Bruce is well known as the lead singer of AC/DC tribute “Shoot to Thrill.”  “Could I be doing early AC/DC in this show? Sure, but I wanted to do something fun and different.  Teresa is an awesome Karla DeVito. She might just steal the show!”

JANIS JOPLIN- Wendy Miner. It's one thing to sing like Janis but to perform as Janis is taking it to the next level and Wendy brings that passionate, free spirt attitude to the stage every time.  “Janis was quite the character and was oh so talented. I’m a bit theatrical myself and I love to let it all loose on stage.”


ROD STEWART -  John Evans.  The raspy, sultry voice of Rod Stewart is very difficult to emulate but John pulls if off flawlessly.  The two time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was a 70's superstar and he still wows audiences worldwide to this day. John is a Brit - Rod is a Brit and it's a perfect fit!  “I feel like I was born and raised on Rod Stewart and his hits are indelibly printed on my soul. ”


FLEETWOOD MAC - Jenniffer Davis. Not everyone can sing like Stevie Nicks but Jenniffer nails it flawlessly. Also behind the keys for other show performers, Jen steps out and delivers Stevie’s mesmerizing rasp and range.  “Stevie is an idol of mine and I never miss her concerts. It’s an honor to represent her in the show.”


DONNA SUMMER - LaShonda Tuff. The late, great Donna Summer was one of the worlds biggest artist of all time. Named  "The Queen of Disco" she had hit after hit after hit.  “Donna was an amazing performer and a big influence for musicians everywhere.  When I was little I used to sing her songs all the time.  It's hard to believe that I am now impersonating her professionally. ”


ELTON JOHN - John Evans.  It’s not easy to pull off the flash and showmanship of one of the worlds greatest entertainers. Not only is John from England himself, he has the chops to pull off Elton like no other.  “I grew up in England and Elton John was bigger than Elvis to me. I’m honored more than words can say to impersonate him.”


BEEGEES - David Dahir.  The distinct falsetto and rapid fire lyrics of the BeeGees isn’t easy to pull off but Dave has been doing it for years. He rocks the Barry Gibb hair and beard as well.  “The BeeGee defined the dance and disco craze of the 70’s and that’s my goal….to get you dancing and singing along.”


THE CARPENTERS - Kristi Kerwin. Karen Carpenter left us way too young but her enchanting voice lives on through Lena Cole.  “I love to channel Karen on stage,” says Kristi. “To hear these songs come to life again with the awesome band and perfect harmonies of our background singers is truly amazing.”


NEIL DIAMOND - Greg Trimm.  Everybody LOVES Neil Diamond! See some of Neil's greatest hits performed live by one of his biggest fans. “Neil is one of the biggest superstars of all time and his songs are timeless. I just love singing his classics along with the "BAH - BAH - BAH's from the audience.  "Coming to America" is my favorite!"


JIMI HENDRIX - Grover Lipkins. An accomplished guitar player and blues artist, Grover has performed with Buddy Miles and has met Jimi’s father and the other members of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He rocks the look, the voice and the legendary guitar riffs like no other.  “Jimi has been a part of my life forever.  Music is my life and Hendrix is my hero.”  


PETER FRAMPTON - Dan Korb.  Dan brings decades of stage experience, most prominently as the lead guitarist for regional Journey tribute band Recaptured. Of course he incorporates the famous “Talk Box” guitar effect in his spot on Frampton solos. “For years people have told me I sounded like Frampton so I’m happy to share that.”


ABBA - Kristi Kerwin and Teresa O’Donnell.  One of the most popular groups of the 70’s, ABBA were international popstars. Kristi and Teresa bring both the iconic costumes and dance friendly hits to life. “Everybody loves ABBA,” says Kristi, “And Teresa and I have a lot of fun with it!”


BARRY MANILOW - Todd Shanno. Todd started in the entertainment business in 1976 and his vocal prowess has grown ever since.  He emulates Manilow’s voice and tone with near perfection.  “I'm enjoying every moment being a part of The 70's Legends Tribute Show and bringing back a special decade of music for audiences to enjoy.”


REO SPEEDWAGON - Nick Rudd.   Nick brings the high energy and soaring vocals of Kevin Cronin to life in a spot on impersonation that need to be seen to be believed. "REO Speedwagon has been a big part of my life for many years.  As the youngest member of the show, I didn't live in the 70's but the 70's produced some of the best music ever made."


TONY ORLANDO - Tony Grasso.  With some of the most recognizable hits of the 70’s, Tony Orlando and Dawn were radio staples which led to a popular television show. “When I’m sporting my mustache people have told me I look like Tony Orlando which is cool.  They’re surprised when they find out I actually sound like him.”

DOLLY PARTON - Renee Sheehan.  The unique vocals of this Country Music  Hall of Famer are instantly recognizable worldwide and Renee nails it.  “Dolly is one of those entertainment superstars that I've always admired.  Her bubbly energy and  engaging manner is something I've emulated for my entire musical career.”


SONNY AND CHER -Nick Rudd and Janis King.  "I Got You Babe" and "The Beat Goes On" were a couple of these legends biggest hits. The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour

was one of the big shows of the 70's and fans still remember their witty banter, comedy skits and weekly duets.


STEVIE WONDER - Mario Foreman - Powell.  What can you say about Stevie Wonder? Well Mario has a lot to say and sing.  He makes the piano keys dance as he takes on the voice an mannerisms you remember.  Mario travels the country singing and playing for the United States  Air Force. "Music is my life and I am proud to bring that to people through the Air Force."


THE WHO - John Evans.  If you're keeping track you'll notice this is John's third act. John hails from England originally so it makes sense he would gravitate to British rock stars and he doesn't disappoint on any of them. "There's nothing like channeling Roger Daltrey and singing "Pinball Wizard" especially with our awesome band!"


GRACE SLICK -Teresa O'Donnell. Jefferson Airplane was an American rock band based in San Francisco that became one of the pioneering bands of psychedelic rock.  Teresa impersonates Grace Slick doing both "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love' and she nails them perfectly. 


GREASE - Kristi and Kevin Kerwin.  Husband and wife pay tribute to Olivia Newton - John and John Travolta by nailing "Summer Nights."  The movie "Grease" came out in 1978 and was the highest grossing musical film ever at that time. 


BARBRA STREISAND - Kristi Kerwin.  Barbra Streisand is difficult to emulate but our Kristi can do it! All the nuances, the stellar range, she has it all. Just like Barbra, Kristi is multitalented, in fact she is a school teacher. "I love Barbra's voice and I have been blessed to pay homage to her."


ELVIS PRESLEY -  Greg Trimm.  There are lots of Elvis impersonators for a reason.  Elvis is The King of Rock and Roll and he is universally loved.  The show brings Elvis in his glittery white jumpsuit from his iconic Aloha From Hawaii concert in 1973. 

"Somebody said I should try Elvis and I thought NO Way but after working on it for months, I finally feel comfortable representing The King."


ARETHA FRANKLIN - LaShonda Tuff.  With 45 Top 40 singles spanning over a five decade career, Aretha Franklin is the undisputed "Queen of Soul." She was rewarded being named the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. "Aretha is an inspiration and I want to honor her talent and memory by keeping her music alive."


ALICE COOPER - Tim Duis.  I'm 18 And I Like It!  Alice Cooper produced some of the most iconic songs of the 70's and as he continues to tour  Tim Duis brings the Alice Cooper experience  to local audiences complete with costumes and props. "I've been performing as Alice for decades. I pay attention to detail  and aim to blow your socks off every time."


LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Chuck Shoen.  Who doesn't know at least a couple of Skynyd songs?  Well Chuck knows most of them  and presents the best of the best live.  So kick back and enjoy Sweet Home Alabama and Freebird sung like they are supposed to be sung.  "Lynyrd Skynyrd has produced some of the best music ever made and I'm honored to bring that energy to The 70's Legends Tribute Show."

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