The 70's Show Costumed Impersonators from Omaha

A Musical Journey Through the 1970's

     The 70’s Legends Tribute Show is an unique production like no other.  Formed in 2014, the production showcases multiple tributes to the iconic artist and memorable hits of the late 60’s and the 1970’s all on one stage on one night.

     Created by producer and experienced full time musician David Dahir, the show was built piece by piece to what is now a impressive parade of spot on musical impersonations. 

        Complete with concert quality sound, professional lighting and a 70's themed stage, the show embraces a nostalgic and popular time in music history. From Rock to Country to Disco to Easy Listening to Motown, audiences are treated to the some of the greatest hits of all time by an experienced team of tribute artists complete with the costumes, the mannerisms and the vocals you remember.

      The 70's Legends Tribute Show is a musical celebration of an era rather than a tribute to one particular artist or genre.    

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